York Butter Factory, a Coworking Space

York Butter Factory

In December, I discovered my first coworking space in Melbourne, Inspire9. Recently, my WordChicks Meetup group met at another coworking space called the York Butter Factory.

A coworking space is a shared working environment designed for work-at-home professionals, freelancers, independent contractors, and other types of workers who end up working alone. A coworking space gives you a place to go when you’re looking to escape the cabin fever of working from home and when you want community and collaboration.

York Butter Factory is inside a beautiful 1850s heritage-listed bluestone building in the CBD. There are two floors with an open space plan, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and room for up to 60 entrepreneurs, mostly tech startup types. It offers permanent, part-time, and after hours and weekend desks at varying rates.

I like the physical space at Inspire9 more, but York Butter Factory seems more quiet and, even though it was after hours when I was there and few people were about, it has a more intense feel about it. I definitely got the sense that big ideas are percolating here.


Hang out, work, or hold a workshop.


Desks at York Butter Factory.


York Butter Factory.


Coffee is a must.

What has your experience been with coworking spaces? Have you every used one? Would you?




  1. There is a place like this in my town called Serendipity Labs that I went to once for an afterparty of a holiday concert. York Butter Factory seems a bit more coffee shop and industrial–I could totally see this kind of space in Brooklyn in NYC! The one I went to was definitely more office/professional looking and had a more sleek vibe to it but it fits more in my town’s aesthetic (which is very suburban, very Soccer Mom-ish, WASPy kind of place).

    • I hope to see more and more of these kind of spaces as the number of freelancers and remote workers grow. It’s nice to have a place to go sometimes.

  2. Wow – this is such an interesting concept! I think I might have a look to see what/if anything like this exists in Sydney! Thanks for writing this post.

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