What To Wear on a Long Flight


I know some people who dress perfectly normal at home, but seem to leave their normal clothes behind when they travel and opt instead for items such as plaid shorts, white sneakers, and straw hats. On the flip side, there are those folks who seem to confuse the airplane with Ibiza and travel in cocktail dresses, high heels, and full makeup.

Door to door, the journey from Miami to Melbourne is about 25 hours. It goes through Los Angeles and across the hemisphere into the opposite season. When I travel, I want comfort, but also want style, and I rather look like a traveler than a tourist.

I like flowy tops, tunics, and other styles that can be described as bohemian. They’re comfortable for travel. I go with dark colors because black almost always looks dressier than other colors. Plus, I’m clumsy and will inevitably spill something on myself and black will hide that well.

I only wear sweats when I’m trying to sweat and yoga pants when I’m doing yoga or lounging in the privacy of my home. Some people like to travel in loose knit pants, but I prefer a pair of comfortable dark denim jeans. Chinos and cargo pants are a smart choice too, but I prefer jeans because they’re bulkier to pack and they’ll keep me warmer on a cold flight.

Because I’ll have to remove my shoes at least once to get through security, I opt for a simple shoe over boots or sneakers. Ballet slippers and loafers are nice, but I prefer a comfy trekker because more than once I’ve found myself running across an airport.

I tend to get cold on flights especially if I’m seated near an emergency exit and it may be cold at the airport or at my destination. Some women love cardigans, but I prefer a blazer or jacket and a pashmina is a must.

I keep my accessories simple, down to my favorite hoop earrings, moonstone ring, and sunglasses. My bag is actually a computer case and holds everything I need to get through my flight. I skip makeup and perfume (how awful is it to sit near someone with a heavy perfume or cologne?).

What about you? What do you like to wear when you travel?




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  2. I usually start out wearing just normal comfortable clothes. In summer, sandals and a skirt is fine for me, otherwise jeans.

    I always wear shoes that slip on and off easily. Not only is it good for security, but when you’re sitting in coach and the person in front of you has their seat reclines all the way and you can’t reach your feet, it’s nice not having to stress about one of your shoelaces being ties tighter than the other.

    I always bring leggings that I can slip on. If G is with me, I’ll do it right there in the seat, under a blanket. Otherwise I’ll change in the bathroom. They’re good for sleeping in because I like to pull my feet up onto the seat and the waistband of jeans is not very comfortable for that. With a skirt, they can just slip on and off under the skirt. Easy peasy.

    I also bring a zip-up hoodie in my carry-on so when I get cold, I can put it on backwards and not have to disturb my neighbours or my comfortable arrangement of pillows. When I’m ready to sleep, I pull the hood over my face.

    I also dislike traveling with make-up on. (How gross is it after 25 hours with no shower? Yuck!) I’ll usually just do mascara and light blush and then in LAX, I’ll wash it off in the bathroom sink. Easy to reapply the next morning upon landing.

  3. Your post and your fashion image demonstrate that you can travel for comfort, being practical but also still look fashionable. Love the outfit!

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