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I’d given my Frommer’s Australia a cursory look, but I’ve started to read it more carefully now and begun putting together an itinerary.

I’m more OCD and anal retentive about this than Theo who is able to take a casual approach to his hometown, Melbourne. It’s a great advantage to travel with a native who knows that you can’t get there from here and who can help me separate the authentic from the tourist traps (although I’m basically dragging him to all the tourist traps). This is the fun part about planning a trip anyway especially after all the boring details like dealing with visas and travel health insurance.

I expect I’ll be exhausted and jet-lagged following long airport waits and a 15-hour flight. My first couple of days will be all about sleeping, settling in, sleeping, and a ride on the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle to get the lay of the land. Once I’m well-rested and well-fed, I’m ready to attack my list of must sees and do’s in the city.

Can you suggest other places that I shouldn’t miss? Any cool off-the-beaten-path places, awesome shops, and delicious restaurants?

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  1. I will be living vicariously through your travels! Enjoy!! and I cannot wait to read about all your adventures (touristy or not!)

  2. Having moved to Melbourne two years ago I have taken some time to explore the city a bit. I’m a vego and can recommend three great restaurants: Veggie Bar, Lentil as Anything (go to the Abbotsford one for the beautiful building and atmosphere) and, for something a bit fancier, Shakahari (they all have websites).
    Make sure you hire a bike from the bike share and have a ride around the city.
    If you get good weather head out of the city to the beach at Dromana (about an hour and a half south), or to Angelsea (about an hour and half west).
    Go to some events at the comedy festival when it hits town from March-April. Then hit up the Melbourne International Film Festival if you are still around in August.
    And you absolutely HAVE to go see a movie at the Astor Theatre ( The old building is exactly what a theatre should be, the screen is enormous, the movie selection exciting, and there is a resident kitty kat who might just jump into your lap for a cuddle in the middle of your film (but only if you are very lucky). And they do banana choc tops – you can’t lose!

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