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For some crazy reason, I decided to participate in the Expat Blog Challenge being hosted by my fellow expat Cristin, an American in Sydney, who blogs over at In an Opal Hearted Country. Rather than my usual two to three posts a week, I’ll be writing every day during the month of February (in theory).  Blog challenges are fun and a good way to get into the habit of writing daily as well as discovering new blogs from others participating in the challenge. So, here we go. Today’s prompt is: the view from where I write.

This is where the magic happens – a laptop sitting on a little vintage school desk in the spare bedroom. There are necessary items around such as a lamp, a fan, my phone and tablet, and water. You might notice there’s a window and you might guess there’s a view. You’d be right, normally there is. Every day, I’d pull the blinds up and let the sun in. I look out on to the side of the house and our wooden fence, some yucca plants, and my bluestone altar. I watch little spiders weave complex webs among the leaves of the plants and Common Myna birds sit on the fence.

Our 1926 bungalow doesn’t have central cooling or heating. In winter, the fireplace warms up the house some, I wear about six layers of clothing, and go to bed with a hot water bottle. In summer, when the heatwave hits, I suffer. We try to keep the house cool by covering up the windows, keeping the scorching sun out and the cool air in. Recently, my partner Theo picked up a little mobile air conditioning unit, which you can see at the right of the desk. While it’s not powerful enough to cool the entire house, it’s perfect for the spare bedroom where I spend much of my day working. It’s not properly installed yet and the window is covered from the outside to keep the sun out. So, for the time being, I have no view outside. The view inside is pleasant, however.


That’s Sam. He’s a Kelpie, an Australian sheep dog. While Theo is at work, he tends to stay nearby keeping me company.

How’s the view from you work?




  1. Aww! Such a cute doggy, he certainly brightens up any view!

  2. Holy cow, Cosette! What a professional-looking blog… I love it! I’m anticipating loads of magic from you and Sam.

    • Thanks, Yvette! I just gave it a makeover for the new year. It had a static landing page, but I’m experimenting the blog as home this month.

  3. cute photo of your pup
    living down under where central heating is not so common forces us to get creative in making a place a home

  4. Glad to see you have a portable air conditioner. I should have posted a pic of the view from where I write today, because like you, my window is closed off and I am sitting underneath a fan. I can’t believe that I used to complain about our furnace and central air conditioning in our house in Pittsburgh! The forty degree days are not something I will miss about Melbourne, but it’s been good for us to live in a city that uses energy more efficiently than the typical North American one. We have become accustomed to layering up in winter and being (occasionally) overheated in summer.

    • I’m from Miami and I struggle with the heat in Melbourne. It’s hot in Miami, but everyone has air-conditioning, and it rarely gets cold enough to warrant heating. Aussies say it’s about being environmentally friendly, but I’m not sure I believe them. I think we’d see a lot more central cooling and heating if energy was cheaper. Thanks for your comments, Christie!

  5. We have an A/C unit like that, too. Our new apartment is a total cave so never hot, but holy cow, did it save my life last year when I was 9 months pregnant and it was like 108F outside. I cranked that sucker up in the bedroom and sat in front of it all day watching Netflix.
    Fun to see where the magic happens! Sam’s a cutie. 🙂

  6. We have A/C in Bahrain (thank goodness!) but no heating. We have little space heaters we carry around from room to room and just pray that the babies don’t freeze to their beds at night! Cute pup!

    • It doesn’t get super cold in Miami, where I’m from, but on those rare extra chilly nights, little space heaters are a lifesaver! Thanks for your comments, Kelli!

  7. I love your desk! I think I had one like that in elementary school. None of the houses here in Bahrain have heat either- so we get to break out our sweaters, but we have central AC- thank goodness 🙂 Your dog is cute!

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