Sunday Gratitudes

A few things that are making me happy this week and that I’m grateful for:

Australian Rules Football

The footy season has begun! Although, sadly, Collingwood lost to Hawthorn (137 to 122), it was a fun and exciting game with exceptional plays on both sides. And there was a female umpire!

The Hunger Games

I enjoyed the movie and am semi-inspired to read the novel to see if it realizes the potential of the themes explored in the movie. I’m also thinking of reviewing it on this blog.

Awesome Television

I am currently watching two television shows: The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. Both are fantastic.

Feminist Discourse on Mainstream Radio

A couple of weeks ago, well-known Aussie feminist Germaine Greer poked fun at Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s body and style. It sparked a lot of debate and not just on the feminist blogosphere. Talk radio station 3AW has had some thoughtful and respectful conversations about Greer’s comments and how men and women in the public arena are judged differently.

About the photo: (CC) BY-NC-ND Charles Van den Broek



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