Sunday Gratitudes

A few things that are making me happy this week and that I’m grateful for:

My Mom

She continues to conquer the internet. She goes to bed pretty early and often misses a late-night soap. She’s now watching it online.

Landmark Education

It is challenging and helps make me a better person.


I don’t have a car and I rented one this weekend to get to my Landmark course and run some errands. It feels great to drive.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood

In just 24 hours after the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation announced it would no longer fund cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics, supporters of PP flooded the organization with enough donations to recoup almost all the money.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are networks and they allow us to establish connections with people even those we don’t know who belong to extended networks. If you need something, reach out. You’ll be surprised by the result. I was this week when a new door opened for me.



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