Sunday Gratitudes

A few things that are making me happy this week and that I’m grateful for:


This week, had the HBO series Rome on sale for half off. I love that show and I was very happy to add it to my DVD library.

Returning to Australia

I’ve booked my flight and I’ll be returning to Australia at the end of August. Yay!

The Arts

My 14-year-old niece plays the flute in her school band. This week I went to her final recital. She’s in eighth grade and moves on to high school next year. I recorded one great piece titled “Achilles”, that mythical hero of the Trojan war. These kids are so good! The arts are the first to go when school funding gets cut. I’m so grateful that these kids still have an excellent arts program and fantastic teachers.

Family Events

The hardest thing about being in Australia is missing important events in the lives of friends and family. This week, I was glad to be able to attend not just my niece’s recital, but also my nephew’s First Communion.

The Great Gatsby

I’m a big fan of Baz Luhrmann’s films. His adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is my favorite. I was excited to see the trailer for his upcoming movie The Great Gatsby. It looks stunning and I’m looking forward to seeing it this Christmas.




  1. Yay — Australia or bust! Are you staying longer this time? 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’ll be coming back. Will it be permanent this time?

    • If Australia would have me. I’m not looking forward to the complicated visa process.

      • Yeah, me neither. We’re waiting til after the wedding to start it, in the hopes that will make it easier. The process to apply for fiance or de facto visas seemed a lot more complicated and just as expensive.

        • If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of visa are you on now?

          • Extended tourist visa. It’s a very easy online application and you just have to declare that you have some means of support. It gives you an extra three months on your regular visa.

            It takes about 20 minutes to complete (you’ll need your passport number and your original ETA number, as well some information of the person who will be supporting you financially) but you get approved almost instantaneously if you answer the questions correctly. There is a fee involved. I think it was $300.

            I think you can also ask for more than an extra three months, too. I only asked for three because I re-entered Australia in March and we’re going back to America again in September for the wedding, so I didn’t need to be here more than six months, since my visitor visa will reset again once I come back and can then apply for residency. But I think you can ask for up to an extra year or something. A coworker of G’s had a relative who did that. A better option, probably, if you don’t want to go broke on airfares all the time!

            Also, I don’t know how old you are, but for young people (I think under 30), you can get a working holiday visa for up to a year and then you can get a job. I don’t know much about that one, though, and whether or not it would end up costing you more in fees in the long run, though. I imagine that one is more expensive to apply for than an extended visitor visa and probably has more stringent requirements (i.e. that you find a job within a certain time period).

            And of course, if you and Theo have been together at least 12 months, you can always just apply for residency right off the bat with by claiming a de facto partnership, but I’m told the interview process for that is quite intrusive.

            I hope that helps! 🙂

          • Thank you. That is very helpful. This is basically the course I plan to take. I have an ETA now and I will apply for the extended tourist visa and eventually the partner one. Theo and I have been together for more than 12 months, but we haven’t been living together in Australia that long so we’ll have to wait a bit. And yes, it does look intrusive :-/

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