Sunday Gratitudes

A few things that are making me happy this week and that I’m grateful for:


I got me some awesome boomerangs this week and I can’t wait to give them away to my family and friends. I’m keeping two for myself, the ones pictured here painted by an Aboriginal artist with a snake and turtles.

Luna Park

We went to Luna Park last night and I had so much fun. Roller coasters, silly haunted houses, glass mazes, cotton candy; it doesn’t get better.

Mexican Food

I love Mexican food. You just can’t go wrong with sweet corn, warm tortillas, spicy goodness, and a delicious margarita. This week, I made pseudo-Mexican food twice at home and we went to dinner at Los amates Mexican Kitchen in Fitzroy, which was awesome. The food was great, nice atmosphere, and the service was friendly. It was nice to chat with other Spanish speakers.


There’s a lot of nonsense on Tumblr, but also some real gems. My favorites this week are Who Need Feminism? and Texts from Hillary.



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