Street Fight, Aussie Style

I don’t enjoy seeing anyone – or anything – fight and while I didn’t particularly enjoy this video, I found it fascinating. I’ve never seen such a thing other than in Looney Tunes cartoons. Behold, street fighting, Aussie style.

And then there’s these two arguing over who ate the last eucalyptus cookie and sounding like my dog’s squeaky rubber ball when it’s near the end of its life.

I’ve heard koalas can be vicious and, judging by those claws, I believe it. Drop bears, people.




  1. Before I saw the video, I though you were serious………now I am watching video, I laugh……

  2. By heavens those kangaroos must have stomachs of iron to withstand those blows, what an argumentative pair. I thought the koalas had kissed and made up but no, they were at it again.I don’t know whether they were husband and wife but if so, one of them looked really haughty and disapproving.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. You forget how big kangaroos really are since most of the time they are hunched over their two front legs but they are as tall as humans when they stand up straight! They seriously pack a blow, I would not want to be standing anywhere near that. That’s strong enough to knock a person out cold! The koalas were kind of cute though, towards the end you got the sense the one on the right felt kind of chastised and defeated. I’m assuming all these animals are male? Usually it’s the males that tend to fight.

    • I’d guess the kangaroos are male. I don’t know about the koalas, but I agree, it looks sad and defeated. Maybe it’s parental.

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