Side Trips from Melbourne

I think Theo and I will be able to get in the car, drive in any direction, and we’ll hit some beautiful place that he’ll struggle to tear me away from. That is, of course, until I spot some harmless critter that I’m sure to be convinced is the most toxic creature on the planet and wants to kill me. Then I’ll be running towards the car and crying to go home. For now, however,…

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Lady Melbourne’s Top 5 Must See Shops

I’m looking forward to doing many things in Melbourne including shopping! Lady Melbourne is one of my favourite fashion blogs so I went to editor Phoebe Montague for advice. The following article is reprinted with permission. I’m often asked about where to shop in Melbourne, and whether its online, op-shops or boutiques I LOVE TO SHOP! It’s part of my job to know about what’s happening out and about out there in this fair city…

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Shipping Boxes


Four pairs of shoes, a tarot deck, a book, clothes, and a few toiletries. It didn’t seem like much and yet it takes up two boxes.

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SOPA / PIPA Blackout

On January 18 many websites, including Reddit and Boing Boing, are going dark in protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), two dangerous bills that would dramatically alter the internet landscape and create a punishing censorship regime in ill-attempts at stopping copyright infringement.

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The Three Kings Parade

I live only one block away from the street that the Three Kings Parade travels on. I’ve lived on this street for about 30 years and so I’ve gone over to see it many times and watched it wax and wane over the years. It was pretty good this year, about two solid hours of marching bands, floats, various police departments, politicians, and local radio and television personalities.

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6 Travel Items I Need or Will Surely Die

Naturally I will pack things such as clothes, jewellery, makeup, important documents, and so forth, but this is my list of must-have-or-I-will-surely-die items. My iPhone I {heart} my iPhone. This one device lets me talk and text with friends, record sound, take and edit photographs, make videos, play games, listen to music, email, blog, and share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and other sites. That’s just awesome. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going…

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Aussie Rules Rules

I’m not really a sports fan. Sure, I’ve caught a Super Bowl or two and I even went to a Florida Marlins baseball game once, but I’ve never been able to get excited over sports. I think it’s a psychological block.

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Travel in Melbourne


I’d given my Frommer’s Australia a cursory look, but I’ve started to read it more carefully now and begun putting together an itinerary.

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Barbie Girl Australia Day Ad

Barbie Girl, Australia Day

In the latest lamb industry advertising campaign for Australia Day 2012, “Lambassador” Sam Kekovich takes on “un-Australian” pop culture and turns it into chop culture with a new rendition of “Barbie Girl”.

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15 Awesome Australian Blogs

Kimberly LoSavio, the blogger behind Gypsy’s Treasures, has awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, Gypsy. It’s always nice to be recognized and community blogger awards are an excellent way to discover and share other great blogs. Per the rules, it’s now my turn to award 15 blogs. This award couldn’t have come at a better time. Don’t let me speak for the whole of America, but before I met Theo, all I…

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No Lol Cats

This is my cat and I’m going to miss her terribly while I’m away. Australia has strict import conditions to minimize the risk of exotic diseases being introduced. My cat meets most of the requirements for entry such as being an appropriate breed, from an approved country, at least six months old, and having been continuously living in the country of export for a minimum of six months. She would need a microchip implanted, which…

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Tarot Card of the Year


Last night, during the full moon observance with the coven, I drew a tarot card for the year: the Two of Swords. When I first saw the card, I was unimpressed, but the more I examined it, the more I realized how appropriate it really is. I’ve already determined that 2012 is a year of Air – inspiration, new ideas, travel, communication.

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