The Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Today is a public holiday here in most of Australia. It’s the Queen’s Birthday! Ok, it’s not actually the Queen’s birthday. Queen Elizabeth II was … Read the rest

NGV, the National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne is full of wonderful museums. I was in the city recently and decided to pop into the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). The NGV has … Read the rest

Forest Glade Gardens

This weekend, my partner Theo and I visited Forest Glade Gardens in Mount Macedon. It was not one of those brilliantly sunny days, but the … Read the rest

Buzzfeed Lists of All Things Australian

I thought I would follow Wednesday’s heavy post on politics with some fun content from Buzzfeed. Humour 35 Australian People Problems includes issues such as Christmas … Read the rest

My Place in Australian Politics

You know how Buzzfeed has all those quizzes? Which Contemporary Artist Are You? Which “Twin Peaks” Character Are You? What Kind of Pocket Are You? … Read the rest

Australian Culture and the Workplace

I visit my local library two or three times a month. Browsing, I came across this little book and I had to share it. G’day … Read the rest

Facebook Messenger to Keep Expats Connected

In August 2012, I wrote a blog entry on three tools to help expats stay in touch with family and friends abroad: Skype, the magicJack, … Read the rest

Anzac Day

I’ve blogged before about how traditional holidays don’t feel as festive to me here in Australia as they do back in the USA. I still stand … Read the rest

10 Tips for Your Visa Process

I’m not an expert and I’m not a lawyer or migrant agent, but I’ve spent a year working on putting my visa application together. With … Read the rest

In the News

Here are some bits and pieces of news from around the web that I liked and I thought might interest you. One of the things … Read the rest

Hamilton Watts Migration Services

Throughout my writings about my visa process, I’ve mentioned that I have been using a migrant agent. Today I’m going to plug the agency. I … Read the rest

The Road to Residency Part 4: All the Extras

I set my foot down on the road to residency in June 2013, nearly a year ago. The process is finally coming to an end. … Read the rest