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Here are some bits and pieces of news from around the web that I liked and I thought might interest you.

One of the things I love about the Australian Football League (AFL) is that it encourages girls and women to get involved with Australian football. The AFL has a female umpire and features little girls as well as boys during game half-times and in their commercials. The AFL also has a strong policy on racial and religious vilification and now it is getting behind efforts to support homophobia. AFL Chief Executive Andrew Demetriou said, “Discrimination is never acceptable and vilification based on sexual identity is just as serious an offence as vilification based on gender, race, religion, colour or special disability.” You can read the whole story at the AFL’s website here.

It’s not just the AFL. The Australia Rugby Union, the National Rugby League, the Football Federation Australia, and Cricket Australia have all signed a commitment to eliminate homophobia in their sport.

Staying in touch with family and friends abroad is important for expats. Mashable recently had a piece highlighting some apps to connect long-distance family members. It says 12 in the headline, but I only saw eight. They look fun, mostly aimed at families with young children.


Back in Miami, I rarely saw Muslim women wearing a hijab. I was pretty shocked the first time I saw a woman wearing a burqa with complete face-veil here in Melbourne.  Muslim women in traditional attire is a common sight in Australia. I have to admit that I’m not completely accustomed to seeing the type of covering where you can barely even see a woman’s eyes, but I’ve also been impressed and appreciative of how fashionable Muslim women, especially young women, are. Mamamia featured The Tehran Times, a blog out of Iran that highlights street style and challenges Western assumptions. Currently, the Immigration Museum in Melbourne’s CBD has an exhibition exploring fashion, faith and Muslim identity.

Royal Tour 2014

Baby George is a big hit.

Prince William is in Australia for a ten-day tour with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their son, Prince George. The royal family are visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Uluru, and Adelaide. William and Kate have been enthusiastically received and the Sydney Morning Herald reports that support to break away from the Commonwealth and form a republic has waned.

The weather has been pretty lousy lately, chilly, grey, and rainy, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up at home. Melbourne’s museums have some great exhibits going on. The Melbourne Museum has an exhibition on the Aztecs running through 10 August. The NGV is showcasing an acclaimed collection of works by William Blake. And if you’re fan of the Beatles (and who isn’t), the Arts Centre has got the Beatles in Australia exhibit until 1 July.




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