Moving to Australia?

One hundred million votes later, Election Day 2012 is over and Barack Obama is victorious.

I watched the election results live from the land down under and, being a social media junkie, followed conversations on Facebook where I chatted with friends and on Twitter.  I was amused by the topic #MovingtoAustralia. Many of the Twitter messages came from Romney supporters angry and disappointed that Obama won.


Kristen Neel in particular made me chuckle (and wonder if she was serious our pulling our collective Twitter leg). The irony wasn’t lost on Aussies.


I wonder what these Romney supporters think Australian politics and culture are like. They obviously don’t realize that their conservative values would generally clash with Australia, which is far more secular than the U.S., has an atheist woman for a Prime Minister, a center-right party that is still left of the GOP, strict gun control, and universal health care.

Dear Americans who rhetorically speak of abandoning your country because you don’t like the results of our democratic process, you are free to leave; it will make the U.S. a better place. But please don’t come to Australia. There is still work to do, but this is a progressive nation that realizes that stances against abortion and contraception, homophobia, and misogyny are not conservative, but extremist and unwelcome. America may not be for you, but neither is Australia.




  1. I’m extremely conservative (not a Romney supporter nor a Republican, though) and I don’t feel like I clash with Australia. But I do find it funny that every election, people declare they will escape a “socialist” president by moving to… a socialist country! It’s quite embarrassing how ignorant many Americans are of other countries, such that they don’t realise Canada and Australia (and most other popular “I’m moving to” destinations) are far more socialist than America probably ever will be in our lifetimes. No wonder the rest of the world thinks all Americans are stupid.

    • Absolutely. Americans are very insulated. I read one response to the ‘where to move’ question saying there was nowhere to go, that America is the last bastion of freedom. I’ve been thinking about that all day! It’s really puzzling to me that people think this way.

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  3. Love this. I was very happy with the outcome but embarrassed by the stupidity of some of my fellow Americans.

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