The Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery

Last week I popped into the Melbourne General Cemetery. It was a nice day and my partner was meeting with a client in nearby Carlton so I thought I’d take the opportunity, however brief, to have a look around. Cemeteries have a special beauty to them and are always interesting to explore.

The Melbourne General Cemetery was established in 1852 and replaced the Old Melbourne Cemetery, which on the site of what is now the Queen Victoria Market. There are about 9,000 people buried under the sheds and car park of the Queen Victoria Market. The Melbourne General Cemetery is the resting home of some of Australia’s explorers, prime ministers, service personnel, and other notable figures. It’s a big mix of old and new and there are various religions and ethnic groups represented. It’s pretty and rather large.

Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery

Tours are available. For more information, please visit the Melbourne General Cemetery website here.

Have you ever been to the Melbourne General Cemetery?




  1. Then photographs are wonderful Cosette. Graveyards are a great source of history and often humour too.I hate to see them built over and often lose the great headstones.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. I love going to cemeteries and looking around. There is so much artistic beauty and history in them. I’m still a little sad that most of my friends are superstitious though. 🙁 I went to one on a beach in Sydney and it was so nice. I forgot where it was. The only ones I’ve been to here is the one in Oakleigh and the one next to Cheltenham station.

    • Cosette Paneque

      I’m superstitious too, but what could happen on a visit to a cemetery. It’s probably the quietest place in town. lol

  3. Nice set of pictures – I think I may have to add it to my “to visit” list – always fun to see what different people photograph in the same place.

    Sorry about the much delayed reply – I’ve been in the UK for a month and I let the blog sit on the back burner – normal service will resume soon!

    Stewart M – Melbourne

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