Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show 2012

I have to admit that I’m not a foodie. I can cook some basic Cuban dishes, but I’m not much of a cook beyond that. I burned myself with a Pop Tart once. I also don’t know much about wine, but I know what I like (reds). But food and wine shows aren’t just for foodies. After all, what’s a better place to learn about (and sample) good food and wine (and cheese and chocolates and jams and macarons) and and pick up a few skills?

Sadly, being several thousand miles away, I was unable to attend Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show this weekend. Fortunately Maggie at Gastronomical ramblings was able to go and write about it.



I’d like to kick off this post by firstly thanking TSH for kindly giving me some free passes for this year’s Good Food & Wine Show. I was able to fit it in today’s schedule and was joined by thehouseofem.


10.30am in the morning, half an hour after the doors first opened. Not so crowded. Yet.

Check out the whole entry and the mouthwatering photos at Gastronomical ramblings.

About the featured image: Clams muscles shellfish food by Jon Sullivan, public domain



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