Kangaroos and Lamb

Today was another busy day of settling in.

After a nice breakfast, Theo drove us to a nearby second-hand shop, which was pretty great, and then to Bundoora Park. It’s mainly just a big park with playgrounds, barbecue grills, and a golf course, but there is also a conservation area. We took a tractor ride around and saw some kangaroos and emus.

We spent the afternoon shopping for food and home items. I’ve never been to a market like Preston Market. I’m used to going to one big supermarket that has everything I need in one place. Melbourne has supermarkets too, but to get fresher goods at better prices, open markets are the way to go. Preston Market has stalls not just selling food, but also clothing, accessories, flowers, and other goods.

Preston Market

Preston Market

Preston Market

Theo bought lamb for dinner and served it with potatoes, eggplant, and salad. He’s a really great cook.

We also went to Northland, which is a typical mall. I picked up some hangars and plastic containers to help organize my personals in the wardrobe.

About the image: by Theo K (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)



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