How To Take a Photo

Great Ocean Road

There are lots of people snapping photos at the Twelve Apostles. Bad photos. Some of them have fancy DSLR cameras. Some of them have simple point and shoot cameras like I do. Although I don’t consider myself even an amateur photographer, I can snap a decent picture. I snapped a few pictures of cute couples who asked if I could please take their photo together with the beach and rocks behind them. Theo and I also asked a few people to snap a photo of us. All of them were disappointing. Allow me to show you why while I show off my impressive and traditionally gendered art .

The Twelve Apostles. Use your imagination.

Theo and I at the Twelve Apostles. Can you see the rocks? Me neither. Don’t do this.

Step a little to side and voila! Us and the rocks!

Every single person that took our picture snapped it in a way where the rocks were not visible. In the end, Theo set up his tripod and we got some nice photos of us together. Although my limited art skills may not quite capture it, what I’m talking about here is composition. Expert Photography has a great beginner’s guide to composition. Check it out and soon you too will be taking great snapshots of Japanese tourists.




  1. We did a quick day tour on the Great Ocean Road in 2004, and hope to go back and do it at a more leisurely pace…it’s so beautiful!

    • Oh, yes, do! And try to do a little planning before you go because the area is not well marked and it’s easy to miss many great lookouts.

  2. I think a tripod is often the answer, though I’ve had good luck with strangers photos recently. 🙂 At least people are savvy enough that they don’t (usually) take photos that cut off heads anymore!

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