Resolutions for a Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog. I’m traveling to Australia next month and this blog is about that journey. I hope you’ll hang out and share in my adventure, offer some feedback and suggestions. On with it then.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Last year, I resolved that I wouldn’t make any resolutions and avoid the guilt of broken commitments. But, of course, I’m going to make resolutions! There’s all the obvious ones: remain steady on the path towards better health and fitness, reduce my credit card and student loan debts, and sleep more. This year, I’m also making some travel resolutions.

I will pack smart.

In 2006, I went to London for a week with a carry-on suitcase. I had everything I needed and I was very proud of myself, but I’ve never been able to recreate that. I don’t overpack; I underpack. I tend to forget important items and underestimate my travel needs. This is especially true at Pagan festivals that often have costume changes and ritual gear that put the Pope to shame. I also used to be really adamant about not checking in luggage, but in this post 9/11 world where shampoo and red velvet cupcakes are suspect, I’ve given up that resolve. I’m more than happy to check in my suitcase and that comes with the added benefit that said suitcase can be larger. More isn’t necessarily better though so it’s really about figuring out what I need.

I will plan like the anal-retentive, borderline faux-OCD person I really am.

What made my London packing so successful was planning. Rather than tossing random pieces of clothing into a bag a few hours before leaving the house, I spent a week coordinating my outfit for each day I was going to be there. Nothing was extemporaneous, everything was essential and multi-purpose.

I will take advantage of the United States Postal Service and On Her Majesty’s Service.

Until someone figures out how to send my shoes via the interwebz, snail mail is a good option for sending ahead items such as extra clothing, electronic adapters, and Tampax tampons with applicators, which are apparently uncommon in Australia. I hear nachos are hard to come by too. That doesn’t sound so civilized to me.

I will learn the local language.

Ga day cobber. Come on over and we’ll put a few snags on the barbie and crack a tinnie. You’ll be full as a goog, mate. It sure looks like English, doesn’t it?

I will eat more adventurously.

I can definitely handle Tim Tams. Vegemite and meat pies aren’t so bad. Beetroot on burgers? We’ll see.

I will be in my travel pictures.

I love taking photos. I hate having my photo taken. I’m in few of my travel pictures. It would not be difficult to build a case around the idea that I’ve never left my house at all. But having an iPhone has made taking photos anywhere easy-peasy and snapping photos of myself (almost) painless.

I will try driving in a foreign country.

I’m frightened by the fact that Aussies drive on the wrong side of the road, but I will conquer my fear and give it a try. On a single-lane, long, straight road along a wide, flat landscape without rocks, trees, or other forms of life.




  1. Don’t knock beetroot until you’ve tried it. I wasn’t sure if your American friends would understand the meaning of ‘knock’ . doesn’t list the definition I was after, I’ll have to edumacate them…. Knock : to criticise

    a useful link for your friends that only speak proper English.. lol ..

  2. We know what it means to ‘knock’ something, silly! lol Thanks for commenting!

  3. me silly?… where’s my edit button? thought I had permissions to this account.

  4. I am master of this blogniverse! Mwuahahahaha!

  5. Best of luck with your resolutions! 🙂

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