Awesome Gifts for Bloggers

gifts for bloggers

Christmas is around the corner. You know what that means – shopping! Here are some awesome gifts for the bloggers in your life or maybe just your perfect gift to yourself. They range widely in prices so there’s something for everyone.

1. A computer


Image: DTTSP

This is a generous gift, but it is the blogger’s single most important piece of equipment. It’s also a very personal gift so if you buy one for the blogger in your life, make sure you consult with them. There are also a number of computer-related items that make excellent gifts such as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a beautiful mousepad (perhaps with your blogger’s logo on it), a webcam, a backup hard drive or online storage backup, and security software.

2. Photography gear and software


Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II

The camera is probably the blogger’s second most important piece of equipment. Bloggers are often photographers. We document our lives and snap photos of our clothes, our food, our kids, our pets, and everything around us. We need good gear and sometimes we just want fun stuff. There are lots of options in this area across a wide range of prices from high-end DSLRs to novelty cameras, lenses, filters, camera bags, big tripods, mini tripods, iPhone camera accessories, memory cards, photography courses, forum memberships, books, and software such as Photoshop and Lightroom as well as brushes and presets for them. One super handy gift is a light box. You can also go for fun decorative items and accessories such as photography-themed jewelry, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and tote bags. Check out my Pinterest board Gifts for Photographers for some ideas.

3. Mobile devices and Internet


Apple iPad Air 2 in Gold

These are also high-end gifts, but most bloggers practically live on their mobile devices. I use them in my work all the time. Another very useful thing to have is mobile broadband. You can tether, but this can be costly. Wireless Wi-Fi, even a pre-paid device, can be very useful. At the more affordable end of the spectrum are accessories such as earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, cases, cables and adapters, a stylus, and don’t forget apps.

4. A headset and microphone


Photo credit: trekkyandy / Foter / CC BY-SA

A headset is a great gift for video bloggers, gamers, and anyone who does interviews or has a lot of meetings online as well as anyone who likes to chill and listen to music or watch content online. Of course, you can get a headset with a microphone, but a video blogger might appreciate two separate pieces of quality equipment.

5. Flash drives

flash drives

mimobot flash drives by Mimoco

Flash drives are practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Mimoco sells fun designer USB flash drives.

6. Back-up batteries

back-up batteries

mimoPower back-up batteries by Mimoco

When I went to Swarm Conference earlier this year,  I was hitting Instagram and Twitter so hard that I was almost out of battery 90 minutes into the day-long event. I had to plug my iPhone into the power point and experience social media withdrawal for the next hour. I had to actually talk to other attendees face to face instead of through Twitter. You can buy plain battery back-ups at your local office supply store or browse the web for some cute ones like these from Mimoco. You can also find good ones on Etsy like this Wonder Woman USB flash drive keychain, a personal favorite (hint).

7. A conference

Bloggers love to learn and there’s nothing better than going to a conference to develop your skills and make new friends. Australia sees a number of good blog conferences including ProBlogger, Eat Drink Blog for food and drink bloggers, the Digital Parents Conference for mum and dad bloggers, and Blogcademy for lifestyle bloggers.

8. A course


Australian Writers’ Centre

A successful blogger has, or would like to have, many skills – writing, social media, marketing, community management, photography, programming, video production. Bloggers know that learning never stops. There are many wonderful courses both online and off such as those offered by the Australian Writers’ Centre, Hootsuite University, and at just about every college and university around as well as those by expert peers.

9. Books and magazines



Bloggers usually welcome books and magazines that teach and inspire. Check out Amazon’s best selling books on blogging. You might also want to browse titles on creativity, social media, and subjects the blogger writes about. One book that is both invaluable and beautiful is The Elements of Style Illustrated, a colorful and whimsical update of the classic Strunk and White American English style writing guide. If your blogger loves magazines,  there are excellent ones on technology, photography, style, and other niches your blogger may love a subscription to.

10. A pro account


Problogger Community

There are many excellent premium blogging forums and tools out there especially in the monitoring and analytics space. Account upgrades unlock premium features that can be very useful for bloggers. A few that come to mind are the ProBlogger Community, Hootsuite Pro, Evernote Premium, Flickr Pro, or perhaps an upgrade for a favorite theme or plug-in.

11. Credits



Bloggers need visual elements for their blogs. Credits for websites such as Envato, PicMonkey, Canva, and iStock where bloggers can purchase themes, stock photos, and design visual elements make useful gifts.

12. Domain register and web hosting



If the blogger in your life has been blogging for a while on a free platform, they may be ready and wanting to graduate to their own domain and hosting. There are pros and cons. The biggest benefit is being able to own your site and have almost complete control over it including the ability to design it however you like and monetize it. One thing to know about this is that it’s not a one-time cost. You have to renew the domain every year and there’s a monthly fee for the web hosting. You’re looking at about $60 per year plus a one-time transfer fee if you’re not able to do it yourself. This is one of those gifts you’ll want to consult with your blogger about.

13. A custom design


Envato Marketplace

Is the blogger in your life unhappy with the design of their blog, their logo, their business cards? Web design can be expensive, but there are also lots of reasonable alternatives such as buying a theme from Envato or commissioning a logo or header design at Fiverr.

14. Business cards


Moo business cards

The blogger in your life needs business cards for all those conferences, courses, and networking events. You can order customized business cards from VistaPrint or Moo at very reasonable prices.

15. Head shots


Photo credit: maxymedia / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

You don’t need to be an actor or a real estate agent to get a great head shot. Bloggers get a lot of views on their blog and social networks. A professional head shot looks fantastic and adds credibility.

16. Stationary


Mi Goals

Depite our heavy use of electronics, a lot of bloggers have a stationary fetish. We love beautiful notebooks, organizers, and calendars as well as high quality pens and and attractive office supplies. I keep it simple with my bullet journal and a notebook from Typo. KikkiK and Mi Goals are favourites as well. If you want to go more hardcore, there’s Filofax. And check out Jen of iHeart Organizing’s beautiful planner. You can also find a large assortment of printables and blog planners on Etsy. Even Officeworks sells some cute office accessories. You can’t go wrong.

17. Clothes


Etre Touchy Gloves

Aside from adorable blogger T-shirts, there are some practical gift items that bloggers would enjoy. Beautiful pajamas for when all we want to do is blog from bed all day. Warm fuzzy socks for cold nights when we’re still at our desks and these Etre Touchy Gloves, designed to be a stylish way of keeping your hands warm while using your mobile devices. Brilliant!

18. Social media jewelry

social media

Survival of the Hippest

Survival of the Hippest makes the cute custom St@tus Symbol Necklace with a hashtag or handle. They’re available in silver and gold and, if you want to be really fancy, with diamonds and other gemstones. Blend Creations has some pretty social media jewelry too.

19. Decorative items


Sticky9 Instagram photo magnets

Many bloggers like to be surrounded with beautiful and inspiring objects. Illustrations, wooden letters, wall decals, and a beautiful desk lamp are beloved. Look for stylish alternatives for mundane items such as this Jonathan Adler Smart Phone DockSticky9 transforms Instagram photos into magnets.

20. Pampering gifts


Image: Unsplash

Many bloggers have jobs. They might be moms, teachers, executives – all sorts of things. Blogging is usually the hobby/dream job that takes up whatever is left of their free time after work, after house chores, after the kids are taken care of. Everyone loves to be pampered and the possibilities here are endless – a spa treatment, a massage, a fine new teacup along with some favorite tea, a lovely journal, perfume, chocolates.

When you’re shopping for your favorite blogger, remember their niche for more ideas. For example, a fashion blogger might enjoy a book on fashion history while a mom or dad blogger might like a personalized family tree poster.

For more gift ideas, check out my Pinterest board Gifts for Bloggers. If you’re on Pinterest and would like to contribute to this board, let me know.

Which of these gifts do you like? What’s on your holiday wish list?



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