Gala, Darling

Gala Darling

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is to write about a blog I admire.

A blog that I really like and read often is

At first glance, Gala Darling looks like a fashion blog. Or maybe some sort of hipster meets Hello Kitty lifestyle blog. Or maybe one of those annoying, sugary, inspiration blogs. It is a little hard to pin Gala Darling down. She’s quirky, she’s stylish, she’s very pink. Darling admits she intended her site to be a fashion blog when she launched it in 2006, but it has since grown into something much bigger. While she still blogs about beauty and fashion, Darling’s more ambitious than that. She calls her blog a radical self love project.

Darling wants people to love themselves. She wants us to see magic in the everyday. She wants us to take delight in the small things that are around us everyday. She wants us to cultivate enthusiastic gratitude and appreciation for the present. As such, her blog is full of feelgood stuff and it’s not superficial feelgood stuff. Darling is smart and funny and creative and her attitude is infectious.

I love her style and her attitude. Darling is passionate and she has turned her passion into a wildly successful blog. It is intelligent, creative, beautiful, informative, and fun to read. It’s everything a blog should be.

If that weren’t enough, she and her friends Kat Williams and Shauna Haider  run the Blogcademy, a two-day workshop aimed at bloggers who want to step it up. Currently a New York City resident, Darling is originally from New Zealand so she visits Australia often and brings her Blogcademy here. I’m dying to go, of course, and while it may not happen this year while I pursue my residency, it’s definitely on my radar.




  1. Gotta love the positive attitude she makes an effort to spread. 🙂

    • Indeed. She has a very positive outlook, but she’s also not afraid to talk about the rough times she’s been through. I like that because sometimes motivational blogs just seem so unrealistic to me.

  2. Just had a quick peruse through, and I like that she writes about a variety of things. I love that she used a line from American Psycho to introduce her beauty products. She’s quite adorable. Thanks for recommending.

  3. cool blog. very creative and pretty.

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