Countdown to Australia!

Well, this is it. Tomorrow I board the plane to California. I’ll be there through the weekend for PantheaCon, one of the largest Pagan festivals in the US. On Monday,  I board the plane to Melbourne, Australia.

I packed my suitcase last night. And then I repacked it. Today I’ll have to weigh it to ensure I’m within the baggage allowance. I’m leaving some things behind that I’d really like to take. I suppose I’ll have them shipped later. I already feel like I’m taking too much.

I’m trying to take it easy today. I have a few last final things to take care of at work and at home. I have a cold and that’s been draining. Hopefully, I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.




  1. Hope you end up feeling better, I am from Australia and had a very long flight to France so i know what a good nights sleep is worth. You are going to love Melbourne! I hope you have a fantastic time and I will definitely be hoping to hear of some good adventures other people are having back home!

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