Metropolis Bookshop

A long time ago, my sister-out-law took me to this incredible bookshop. At the time, I didn’t know Melbourne and the location of this store did not register in my relocated brain. We walked there, stepped into the building, walked up three flights of stairs, browsed for an hour, paid for our purchases, walked…

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The Joy of Coupons


You may have heard me complain about how expensive life in Australia is compared to life in the United States.  It’s tough to get a break on shopping down under and one little savings joy that is common in America is noticeably missing in Australia – the coupon.

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The Tip

One of Theo’s favourite shopping spots is a place he calls “the Tip”. I’m pretty sure that’s not actually the name of this fine little junk shop. Just to give you an idea of how much Theo loves this place, I’ve been here in Australia less than a week and…

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