The Pagan-Christian Crossover

My fellow Pagan, blogger, and social media junkie Kimberly over at Gypsey’s Treasures recently blogged an exploration of the crossover that Pagans often observe occurring … Read the rest

Monday Morning at PantheaCon

There is programming at PantheaCon on Monday morning. I considered a few workshops, but opted instead to sleep in, have breakfast in my room, and … Read the rest

Sunday at PantheaCon

I decided to sleep in this morning, which means I woke up at 9 a.m. instead of 7 a.m.

Saturday at PantheaCon

Today was another great at PantheaCon.

Friday at PantheaCon

The problem with PantheaCon is that there are so many interesting and wonderful workshops and events going on at the same time, it’s difficult to … Read the rest

Introduction to Wicca

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged an introduction to Paganism. This weekend, I was elevated to the third degree in Georgian Wicca. I figured … Read the rest

Happy Imbolc and Lughnassadh

The serpent will come from the hole On the brown Day of Bride, Though there should be three feet of snow On the flat surface … Read the rest

An Introduction to Paganism

I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m Pagan, but I haven’t elucidated on what that means. Since I’m gathering with my coven today, I thought … Read the rest

Tarot Card of the Year

Last night, during the full moon observance with the coven, I drew a tarot card for the year: the Two of Swords. When I first … Read the rest