10 More Fun Facts About Australia

My entry 12 Fun Facts About Australia is very popular so I thought I’d go for another round. I wrote it in 2012 and have … Read the rest

Happy Labour Day, Australia!

Today is Labour Day in Australia, the day in which Aussies commemorate the achievements of the Australian labour movement. Once upon a time, workers to … Read the rest

Expat Syndrome

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is to respond to the following quote by T. Crossley: “‘Expat Syndrome’ is a condition whereby many expatriates … Read the rest

3 Things I Will Never Get Used To

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge begins, “I will never get used to…”. I don’t know if I will never get used to the … Read the rest

How to Speak Australian

Americans speak English. Australians speak English. Therefore, you’d think we could understand each other perfectly. Such is not the case. In 1892, German linguist Karl … Read the rest

Resident of Where?

There are only six reasons a person may be excused from jury duty and being in another country is not one of them. Yes, I have … Read the rest


Melbournians love to talk about the weather. “Four seasons in a day,” they say. After a chilly start to the summer season, a heatwave hit … Read the rest

The Great Westpac Heist

I may be exaggerating by calling this incident a great heist, but it was, to say the least, annoying. More than that, as a community … Read the rest

November 11

Today, November 11, here in Australia is Remembrance Day.  Tomorrow, November 11 in the United States is Veterans Day.

Remembering 9/11

I didn’t remember it was 9/11.

Bits & Pieces

As I wander through the web, I bookmark interesting stories that I come across and decide I want to blog about. And then I don’t … Read the rest

Is Melbourne a Racist City?

Is Melbourne a racist city? This is the question posed by 3AW’s Tom Elliott on August 6.  His conclusion was ‘no’ based on two experiences.