Your Guide to Melbourne Metro Trains

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Melbourne, Most Liveable & Friendly City

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My Australian English

There are certain words that will probably never come out of my mouth. For starters, I can’t shorten much in the way Aussies do. I still say … Read the rest

My Place in Australian Politics

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Australian Culture and the Workplace

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Anzac Day

I’ve blogged before about how traditional holidays don’t feel as festive to me here in Australia as they do back in the USA. I still stand … Read the rest

Hamilton Watts Migration Services

Throughout my writings about my visa process, I’ve mentioned that I have been using a migrant agent. Today I’m going to plug the agency. I … Read the rest

10 More Fun Facts About Australia

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Happy Labour Day, Australia!

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Expat Syndrome

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3 Things I Will Never Get Used To

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge begins, “I will never get used to…”. I don’t know if I will never get used to the … Read the rest

How to Speak Australian

Americans speak English. Australians speak English. Therefore, you’d think we could understand each other perfectly. Such is not the case. In 1892, German linguist Karl … Read the rest