In the News

Here are some bits and pieces of news from around the web that I liked and I thought might interest you. One of the things … Read the rest

Birdwatching Down Under

I’ve taken up a new hobby: birdwatching. Things like playing Dungeons & Dragons used to be really dorky, but then geeks became cool. So now, … Read the rest

The Amazing Scenery of Central & Western Australia

I ran across this beautiful video and had to share it. Photographer Jody Brown lives in Warburton, WA, one of the most remote communities in … Read the rest

Melbourne Djembe en Ville

Last November I started learning to play the djembe with Melbourne Djembe, an African drum and dance company. After a whopping four lessons, I hit … Read the rest

Scenes from the Melbourne Djembe Flash Mob

As you may know, I take classes in African drumming with drum and dance company called Melbourne Djembe. Yesterday, they held a flash mob outside … Read the rest

Something New

The photo prompt for the Expat Blog Challenge on Monday, February 17th was, “Something I never would have seen if I’d stayed home.” Well, there’s … Read the rest

White Night Melbourne 2014

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is a photo prompt: a hidden gem. Considering it draws about 300,000 people and it takes place in … Read the rest

Myer Autumn/Winter Fashion Launch 2014

As I write this, it’s 19°C (67°F). Pretty soon, I’ll be trading in my sweater for, well, another sweater. Summer is almost over and at … Read the rest

Left Behind

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is “something I left behind”. The list is endless. I left behind my country, my city, my family, … Read the rest

A Day in Photos: The Melbourne Star

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is a day in photos. Most of my days are not photo-worthy. The weekends are different, of course. … Read the rest

The African Festival at Fed Square

Theo threw me out of the house on Saturday so he could do alone Theo things (which often involves activities such as cleaning and killing … Read the rest

On Blog Design

This week, on January 1st, this blog turned two years old. In November, I decided to make some changes to it. The first major change, … Read the rest