Expat Star Awards 2014

Stumble Down Under has been honoured with 3rd place in MyCurrencyTransfer.com Expat Star Awards 2014. This prestigious awards event recognises, celebrates and rewards the sheer … Read the rest

Open House Melbourne 2014

Open House Melbourne is a celebration of Melbourne through design and architecture. It’s an annual free event in which over 100 buildings are open to … Read the rest

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2014

I made it to Oz Comic-Con again this year. It was held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building. In some ways, it was just as good or … Read the rest

The Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Today is a public holiday here in most of Australia. It’s the Queen’s Birthday! Ok, it’s not actually the Queen’s birthday. Queen Elizabeth II was … Read the rest

Buzzfeed Lists of All Things Australian

I thought I would follow Wednesday’s heavy post on politics with some fun content from Buzzfeed. Humour 35 Australian People Problems includes issues such as Christmas … Read the rest

In the News

Here are some bits and pieces of news from around the web that I liked and I thought might interest you. One of the things … Read the rest

Birdwatching Down Under

I’ve taken up a new hobby: birdwatching. Things like playing Dungeons & Dragons used to be really dorky, but then geeks became cool. So now, … Read the rest

The Amazing Scenery of Central & Western Australia

I ran across this beautiful video and had to share it. Photographer Jody Brown lives in Warburton, WA, one of the most remote communities in … Read the rest

Melbourne Djembe en Ville

Last November I started learning to play the djembe with Melbourne Djembe, an African drum and dance company. After a whopping four lessons, I hit … Read the rest

Scenes from the Melbourne Djembe Flash Mob

As you may know, I take classes in African drumming with drum and dance company called Melbourne Djembe. Yesterday, they held a flash mob outside … Read the rest

Something New

The photo prompt for the Expat Blog Challenge on Monday, February 17th was, “Something I never would have seen if I’d stayed home.” Well, there’s … Read the rest

White Night Melbourne 2014

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is a photo prompt: a hidden gem. Considering it draws about 300,000 people and it takes place in … Read the rest