Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals in Tasmania.

It was great seeing a Tasmanian devil. That felt like a once in a lifetime experience especially considering that they face extinction due to a contagious cancer.

I’ve seen kangaroos at Bundoora Park and the Werribee Zoo, but Bonorong takes the cake. After we spent about ten minutes feeding two adorable kangaroos through a fence, when we stood up to walk away, they came through the fence and followed us along the trail for a while. As we came around the bend, we saw dozens of kangaroos laying about lazily in the sun. They roam freely at Bonorong.



Tasmanian devil





About the images: The photos of the Tasmanian devil, the kangaroo eating out of my hand, the kangaroo heading down the trail, and the mother kangaroo feeding her joey were taken by Theo, all rights reserved.

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