Finding the Best Seats For Your Next Flight

Whether you’re an expat flying between homes, a business traveler, or just planning your next vacation, you know how important the right airplane seat can be. Don’t let the airline choose it for you. Arm yourself with these tips and tricks from Carol Biederman at Let’s Get Deals Today and find yourself flying in comfort next time.


Are you planning a vacation in the near future? Does it involve air travel? If so, do you think about where you will sit on that flight, or do you let the airlines choose for you?

Don’t let chance and the airlines be in the driver’s seat! Next time you book air travel, consider the following tips and tricks to finding and securing the best possible seats for you and your family. A few moments’ time and thought could make the difference in your seating comfort.


Tips to Finding & Securing Your Best Possible Seat

Over the years I’ve booked quite a few flights. Along the way, I’ve developed my own thoughts as to where I want to sit, and how to go about getting those seats, especially when traveling with my family of four. I have included these insights below to put you in the driver’s seat on your next flight. A little research can go a long way to avoiding a seat with a direct bathroom view! Which, personally, is my least favorite seat.

know the aircraft seating configuration

Determine the specific aircraft the flight is scheduled to use. Then, research that specific aircraft’s seat configuration with a website such as Seat Guru or SeatExpert. Determine if there are seats you want to avoid, as well as the seats you prefer. Seat Guru can help you identify which seats might not recline, have extra leg space, or are across from the bathroom. Seat Guru also lets you “get technical” with seat specifics – seat pitch, seat width, and even bulkhead space are not equal on all aircraft.


Learn more about how Seat Guru can put you in the driver’s seat at Seat Yourself with SeatGuru by TripAdvisor.


I love SeatGuru and I always use it when booking a flight. Read the rest of the article over at Let’s Get Deals Today and let me know what you think. Do you research before selecting airline seats? What are your favorite tools?





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