The Battle Against Jet Lag

Julie over at fivedownunder has a humorous blog entry about her battle with jet lag. She offers a few tips on how to beat it.

1. Every week before you fly, push your schedule one hour back or forward, depending on where you are going. The more time zones you are flying across, the earlier you need to start. Hah. Seventeen hours? Apparently, I should have started this process last year.

2. As soon as you get on the plane, turn your watch to the time at your destination. I actually do this, but I then spend the rest of the flight mentally changing the time back to my departure time zone.

3. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol. But I like wiiiiine…. (and those little bottles are so cute).

Go over and read the whole entry at fivedownunder.

What’s your experience with jet lag? Any tips on beating it?




  1. Thanks so much for the kind mention! 🙂

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