5 Musical Luggage Tips

Shopping makes me happy. Yesterday I bought new luggage, a cute set for a great price. Now my goal is to fill them and get them to Australia in one piece (well, technically two pieces) and, preferably, at the same time as me.

I was listening to music as I was writing this entry and it inspired me to come up with some tips for dealing with baggage. It also reminded me that it’s time to uncheck the holiday music from my iTunes.

A tip from Santa: Make a list and check it twice
Create an inventory of everything in your bags. This will come in handy if your bag is lost.

Pearl Jam says: Just breathe
If you have to sit on it to close it, you’ve packed too much. Overstuffed bags can burst at the seams and break zippers. Plus, keep in mind that TSA may go through your bag and they won’t be as careful and gentle as you. Leave some breathing room in there.

Listen to Destiny’s Child: Say my name
Put your name on everything. Put it on the outside of your suitcase. Put it on the inside of your suitcase. Put it on the camera bag, your glasses case, your Kindle, your everything. It’s a delicate balance between labeling everything so you can be contacted if your lost item is found and telling thieves exactly who you are, where you live, and that you’re on vacation. I usually put just my first name initial, last name, a non-primary email address, and some vague destination info.

Learn from Fergie: Be looking for labels
At the airport, make sure you have the correct destination on your bag tag. Keep the tags current and remove old ones. Hang on to your receipts so you can track your bags.

Bowie is gospel: Ooh, fashion
Black is chic, but not when it comes to luggage. Make your bag stand out in the carousel of look-alikes so it won’t be easily mistaken by another traveler too rushed to check the tag. Go for patterns or bright colors or, at least, tie some ribbon to your bag, anything to make it stand out and identifiable to you.

I love music. You can learn a lot of great things from music. Theo doesn’t like music. I consider this one his fundamental flaws.




  1. Theo doesn’t like music.

    Huh, I like music, just don’t listen to much of it.

  2. haha @ woof woof ..we call it doof doof

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