Buzzfeed Lists of All Things Australian

I thought I would follow Wednesday’s heavy post on politics with some fun content from Buzzfeed.



35 Australian People Problems includes issues such as Christmas Day sunburns, spiders, and getting swooped by Magpies.

30 Agonising Australian Problems describes some of those terrible things we suffer from living down under such as it being too hot or too cold, spiders, and getting swooped by Magpies.

29 Problems Only Australians Can Understand reminds that there is always something out to kill you in Australia such as spiders and swooping Magpies.

20 Aussie Items That Need A Place In Your Home is a list you want to keep handy come Christmastime.

11 Embarrassing Early Roles Of Australian Actors looks at the humble beginnings of some big Aussie stars.

The 10 Most Australian “Would You Rather” Questions Of All Time provides questions for your next big date.

A Definitive Ranking Of Australian Lollies And Chocolates is perhaps the most important list you will read today.


50 Australian Books To Read Before You Die

33 Deeply Remorseful Australians Apologise To Asylum-Seekers

28 Stunning Australian Places You Need To Visit Before You Die

22 Australian Women Who Will Inspire The Hell Out Of You

20 Inspiring Indigenous Australians Changing The Face Of A Nation

17 Asian Australians That Are Making Waves And Breaking Stereotypes

Anything tickling you pink today?




  1. julesdownunder

    I think I was just sucked into an internet vortex for the last half hour! Loved it!!

  2. Hello, Queensland!

    This had me laughing out loud! Love the lists!

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