Lady Melbourne’s Top 5 Must See Shops


City Shoppers, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne by Fernando de Sousa CC BY-SA 2.0

I’m looking forward to doing many things in Melbourne including shopping! Lady Melbourne is one of my favourite fashion blogs so I went to editor Phoebe Montague for advice. The following article is reprinted with permission.

I’m often asked about where to shop in Melbourne, and whether its online, op-shops or boutiques I LOVE TO SHOP! It’s part of my job to know about what’s happening out and about out there in this fair city so here is a wrap up of my top fives shops you must visit if you are a tourist, or even if you are a local. These are based on things like how quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ they are, the hidden aspect, the interesting things you might find or because the people who work there. They are also based on things that I like such as stationery, books, fashion and beauty. But of course!

1. Parisian Street Society


Trips to Paris and friendships forged with Parisian optometrists, collectors and shop owners have meant that the stock in Parisian Street Society has literally been hand picked by shop owners Shannyn and her mum Terry. The shop has been open since May but as it is tucked away down a little lane off Toorak Rd it does fit nicely into that ‘hidden gem’ aspect of Melbourne, and I have to say it was very tempting to keep it all to myself! A find like this had to be shared however because a visit alone just to see the Lacoix, Chanel, Hermes, Rykiel, YSL, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain and the extremely rare vintage pieces will amaze you. Shannyn can tell you the story and provenance of every single piece in the store which is no mean feat considering the considerable size of their collection. You can find Parisian Street Society at shop 7 101-105 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne or you can check out the blog.

2. Zetta Florence


I think the longest Mother Melbourne and I have ever spent in Zetta Florence was 2 hours browsing and buying all manner of delightful things. It is one shop that I can never walk out of empty handed, whether its a postcard, notebook, stamps or wrapping paper that I intend to frame.

Their website tells us:

Originally established 22 years ago, to serve the archive needs of Australia’s national museums, galleries and libraries, Zetta Florence is now an iconic Melbourne brand. The reputation of Zetta Florence for quality presentation, archival storage and high-end stationery products is unsurpassed in Australia. There are two Zetta Florence retail stores; Brunswick St, Fitzroy and High St, Armadale. Zetta Florence is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

You can also read more about them on their website.

3. The Job Warehouse


I’m actually amazed that they even have a website as this is one of those old fashioned Melbourne ‘institutions’ that doesn’t look as though it’s changed since it opened it doors in 1952. Mother Melbourne bought fabric there when she was a young woman and introduced me to the delight of finding one off pieces of fabric from their archives when I started to sew at about 12 or 13.

Their website tells us:

Job Warehouse was established in 1952 by Jacob Zeimer (1913-2005) who emigrated from Europe after World War 2. Jacob Zeimer came from a family of European textile merchants. Job Warehouse has been in existence at the same address for more than 50 years. During this time it has supplied many film makers, theatrical and opera companies,and some of Australia’s successful fashion designers with a wide variety of fabrics and haberdashery.

They do prefer serious shoppers that are actually going to buy something, but if you don’t mind a couple of pushy brothers who have nothing else to do but tend to the fabric and their customers then this must be on your list.

56-58 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Phone: 61 3 96621603 Fax: 61 3 96621603

Business Hours: Monday – Thursday (09.30 – 5.00) Friday (09.30 – 4.00) No weekends

4. Readings


I’ve been going to readings since I was a little girl and I still buy books there as an adult. They have a rich history in Melbourne’s literary scene and aside from the fact that it’s more important than ever to support independant book sellers the store itself has a wonderful selection of books, music and magazines amongst many other products. The Carlton store is often open late and they have their own nifty little publication about new release books plus goings on in their stores.

5. Kleins perfumery


Photo: Broadsheet Melbourne

Kleins opened it’s doors on Brunswick St in 1993 when I was a teenager going to school in the area. It has become a must see destination for beauty devotees because the store is well, just beautiful.

Their website tells us:

The store is a tiny sixty square meters yet manages to house over 80 different brands. Some customers describe the store as a fragrant Aladdin’s cave, laden with lotions, potions and life’s little luxuries. Kleins Perfumery specializes in niche fragrances sourced from perfume houses globally, this is complemented by an extensive offering of both Australian and imported skincare.

Thank you, Phoebe. Dear readers, what are your favourite shops in Melbourne?



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