Sunday Gratitudes

Ok, so technically it’s Monday. I haven’t written a Sunday Gratitudes entry since September. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of things I’m grateful for or making me happy. It’s just that it turns out that Sunday is a great day for markets, fishing, and country drives, but not so much for blogging. Still, it’s a good habit for me and one I’d like to try to keep up. So here are a few things that made me happy last week and that I’m grateful for:

Wedding Anticipation

I’m not getting married and I’m not planning a wedding either. This weekend, Theo and I went to his niece’s engagement party. It was fun. There was family, good food, laughter, entertainment (see featured image above), and even some stylish semi-famous dude I’d never heard of. I Googled him, of course, and it urns out Lakyn Heperi was on The Voice (Australia). I like his sound.


Sam learns to stay indoors until we give him permission to come outside.

Dog Training

Sam is four years old, but he still thinks he’s a puppy. He’s very cute and I’m convinced this is why he’s gotten away with near murder all his life. He pulls when walked, jumps on people, is obsessed with his squeaky rubber balls, and sprints out the front door every chance he gets. Thank goodness for A Perfect Spot Dog Training. He’s learning to settle down, stay indoors until we give him permission to go outside, sit instead of jumping on guests, and I can actually walk him now. It takes time and a lot of patience, but it’s all a little bit easier everyday and I’m finally starting to really enjoy spending time with a dog.

Moo Business Cards

I was expecting them next week so their early arrival was a nice surprise. I don’t actually have a business, but I needed a calling card to hand out to all the fabulous people that I meet so we can stay in touch.

The Ugly Little Things

It’s easy to be in a relationship when things are, well, easy. It’s when you’re sick, sad, homesick, angry, jealous, insecure and all those other ugly little things that you really see what your relationship is made of. I’m grateful that Theo is invested in my happiness and that he always has a hug for me when I am sad, an extra blanket when I am cold, and an airplane vomit bag when I am sick.


My old bike on the left and new one on the right.

My New Bike

In November, Aldi offered men’s and women’s mountain bikes for just $70. I hastily bought one and although it is cute and good quality, I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and the frame was a little too big for me. After much humming and hawing, I decided I would fork out for a new bike, something I would absolutely love and have for years to come. After some web research and driving around town to various shops, I finally settled on one I love. As for the old bike, I listed it on Gumtree and sold it within an hour for $55.

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