Goodbye, January

Danboard Boxes Robot Bed Sadness

I’m glad January is almost over. It kind of sucked.

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Race Relations Here and There

This Monday, the United States observes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore a subject I think about from time to time: race relations in contemporary Australia. I should preface this by also acknowledging that I speak from a place of privilege. I’m Hispanic, an immigrant, and a woman – identities that experience systematic social inequality. But I’m also White-ish, American, able-bodied, cisgendered, and educated –…

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Five Things I Miss from Miami

Miami Beach Drum Circle

The obvious is family and friends. It’s a given that I miss them so I’ll go with a few other things.

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Montsalvat Artist David Brown


On Monday, I blogged about the privilege of having been inside the Montsalvat studio of renowned Australian artist Matcham Skipper. While I was roaming the artist community with friends, we also happened upon David Brown, one of the residents and a master craftsman and maker of shakuhachi and violins.

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Matcham Skipper

Photo by Mark Strizic.

The best camera is the one you have with you. All I had with me was my low-battery iPhone when Theo and I decided to go with friends on an impromptu trip to Montsalvat. I’d been to this beautiful artist community once before, but this second visit turned out to be extra special.

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House Training


There’s a popular image of American children that has never reflected my reality as a Cuban child.

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Melbourne Shopping Guide

I’ve written before about some great shopping spots in Melbourne, but there’s a difference between shopping like a tourist and shopping like someone who has just moved to a new city. Once you’ve got your souvenirs and gifts out of the way, you might be wondering where to buy shampoo, a new mobile phone, new camping gear, or what kind of store Bunnings is. It takes time to learn, but here’s what I’ve worked out…

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How To Beat Jet Lag

Earlier this week, ran an article on jet lag. Ginger tea is thought to be a good way to counteract jetlag. Here’s a quick recipe: • Boil water. • Grate two teaspoons of fresh ginger (much better than powdered ginger) into a cup. • Add boiling water. • Allow to steep for five minutes. Ideally you should drink it at the start of your trip, an hour before you take off, but often that’s…

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