They Don’t Give a $@!#

Before my first visit to Australia in February, I came across a humorous blog entry from another American expat on one significant cultural difference between Americans and Australians.

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Thank Goodness for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

I had my first experience with Australian health care this week.

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The Sacred Hearth Cathedral


A few weekends ago, Theo and I took the country as we sometimes do on a Sunday afternoon. One of our stops was the provincial city of Bendigo and we visited the lovely Sacred Heart Cathedral. I’m a Pagan with a soft spot for Roman Catholic history, art, and architecture.  The Sacred Heart Cathedral may not be as grand or old as Europe’s medieval cathedrals, but it does not disappoint. Sacred Heart is one of…

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In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

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The Poppy of Remembrance


Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Australia. In the U.S., it’s Veterans Day today.

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Moving to Australia?

Barack Obama

One hundred million votes later, Election Day 2012 is over and Barack Obama is victorious.

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The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the race that stops a nation. Melbourne may be the only city in the world that has a public holiday around a thoroughbred horse race. Since 1861, the city has paused on the first Tuesday of November for this three-minute, 3,200 meter race. This year, 24 horses competed for the Cup and $6.2 million prize. Favorites included 2010 winner Americain and 2011 winner Dunaden, but in a stunning upset, Green Moon…

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