Halloween Pumpkin Carving

My non-sister-in-law and her family visited the U.S. during the Halloween season and fell in love with it. Halloween is not big in Australia, but I love the holiday and I can’t let it pass me by without some celebration. So, Theo and I invited the family over for an afternoon of pumpkin carving followed by dinner. Field pumpkins, the big orange type that Americans use for jack o’ lanterns are not common in Australia, but…

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Culture Shock

Recently on an American expat group that I belong to, someone asked about the things that caused us culture shock when we arrived. The answers were humorous and some ring true for me so I thought I’d share. They’ve been edited for grammar and clarity and names have been removed to protect privacy. On Trading Hours & Shopping When I first came, the shops closed at 5pm on weekdays, 12pm on Saturdays, and weren’t even…

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Halloween for Everyone

Halloween is my favourite holiday and I’m really missing it. Although it’s slowly catching on, Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween on the grand scale Americans do. Halloween, a contraction for All Hallow’s Evening, is a holiday observed on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian festival of All Hallows, also known as All Saints Day, a day that commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven. In other words, a day to…

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Last week, as Theo and I were leaving a shopping center, we spotted this Aboriginal man on his bicycle carrying a didgeridoo. I love the modern and traditional elements going on here. So what’s a didgeridoo, you ask? It’s a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians a thousand years or so ago. It’s made out of a hollow tree that is cleaned out and shaped. Beeswax may be applied to the mouthpiece end and the instrument…

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Missing and Making Friends


I spend most of the day every day at home.  I’ve been in Melbourne nearly two months now and I haven’t made any friends.

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Expat Blog Awards 2012 Nominee

Expats Blog

Stumble Down Under has been nominated for the Expat Blog Awards.

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