Kimberly LoSavio over at Blogging with Gypsy has honored me with the Fabulous Blog Award. Thank you, Gypsy.

I enjoy these kind of awards because they are community driven and give me the opportunity to discover great new blogs as well as share some of my favorites.

The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
  2. List five fabulous moments in your life.
  3. List five things that you love.
  4. List five things you hate.
  5. Pass the award to five deserving bloggers.

Five Fab Moments In My Life

It’s so much easier to talk about great experiences and much more challenging to describe single and brief moments. In no particular order:

  1. Arriving in Melbourne for the first time. The two-hour line through customs wasn’t fun, but when I finally emerged from that and saw Theo waiting there for me at the gate, that was pretty special.
  2. My Pagan initiations. I may be cheating a bit here as there have been three significant ones: my first dedication into my coven; my first initiation into the Georgian Wicca tradition; and receiving my elekes in Santeria.
  3. Graduating from college.
  4. Every single moment I spent with Theo traveling along the Great Ocean Road.
  5. Watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon with my sister and her children.

Five Things I Love

  1. Sharing good food with great friends.
  2. Music.
  3. The opportunity to begin anew every day.
  4. Laughter.
  5. People who aren’t afraid to stand up for what is right.

Five Things I Hate

  1. The lack of connections. I hate that some people can’t see we’re all in this together and Earth is the only planet that has chocolate.
  2. Exploitation.
  3. Parents who think their lives are more important and their time is more valuable than those of childless people.
  4. When I click something stupid, but apparently innocuous on Facebook and it ends up spamming the feed or signing me up for something I never wanted.
  5. When people ask me to guess at something. You’ll never guess! What? Guess! I don’t know; just tell me, dammit.

Five Deserving Bloggers

  1. Housewife Down Under
  2. Keys Down Under
  3. fivedownunder
  4. Chrysalis
  5. Musings Through the Veil


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