Old Melbourne Gaol

Last week, we visited the Old Melbourne Gaol, a museum and former prison. Gaol, by the way, is just a British variant spelling of jail.

The building of the Old Melbourne Gaol began in 1841 and expanded following the discovery of gold in Victory, which led to rapid growth in population and increased crime. It held and executed some of Australia’s most notorious criminals including Ned Kelly. At one point, the Gaol occupied an entire city block and included exercise yards, hospitals, a chapel, a bath house, and accommodations for staff. It closed in 1924 and parts of the Gaol have since been incorporated into the RMIT University. The rest is a museum.

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Tasmania in Review

All in all, we spent about five full days in Tasmania, two of which were spent largely driving from Devonport at the north of the island to Hobart in the south. It’s definitely not enough time to see all that beautiful Tasmania has to offer, but we had a wonderful time visiting Bonorong and Port Arthur, shopping at Salamanca Market, relaxing at the holiday home and spying on pademelons, and just driving through the gorgeous landscape.

About the images: The photo of the Tasmanian devil was taken by Theo, all rights reserved.