13 Things You Must Write In Your Travel Notebook Before Leaving

Here’s a great travel entry on the information you should carry with you in your travel notebook. What’s that? You don’t have a travel notebook? Well, you should! Not only is a travel notebook a great way to keep all your travel notes in one place, it also doubles as a journal. So what information should your travel journal contain?

1. Inspiration. Since this will be your travel bible you must be able to open it and find instant inspiration. Reserve the first page for your travel inspiration. Write quotes, paste photos of the places you want to visit, checklist of things you want to experience. Basically put whatever that will encourage you to go travel. This page can also cheer you up from your homesickness during your travel.

2. Flight schedule. Dates, time of departure and arrival, terminal and flight number. I also write here my passport number and expiration date so I don’t have to bring my passport out when filling out arrival cards during the flight.

3. Priority list/ Itinerary. I don’t do detailed itinerary rather I just make a list of my must- see, visit, eat and do. I check this list and try to figure out when to do it during my stay.

Read the whole entry at Yes to Travel.

Do you use a travel notebook? What information do you keep in it?




  1. cosette this is fantastic. did you write the complete initial entry [at yestotravel]?

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