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I was never able to get my beloved iPhone fully working while I was in Australia. I didn’t use it to make or receive phone calls and text messages, but I did use my apps while at home on the Wi-Fi. And I have some great apps! Here are a few of my favourite apps while travelling in Australia.

There’s Nothing Like Australia is a guide to exploring the Lucky Country through the eyes of locals. Search for travel experiences by city, state, or the type of experience such as food and wine, aboriginal, and nature. It contains thousands of beautiful, annotated photographs, and you can share your favorite images and travel adventures via Facebook, Twitter, and email. The app also offers maps and help finding a travel agent. Free.

Oz Planner is a great app for ideas on where to go, what to do, and where to stay. It also offers some great tourist resources such as tours, help with getting a rental car, and using public transportation. Among my favorite features are the maps and events listings. Free.

OffMaps2 is awesome because it downloads your maps for access when you are offline. It is really useful when you don’t have an internet connection. $0.99

Oz Weather contains 7-day forecasts, animated radar, detailed observations, and maps for hundreds of locations. $1.99. (There’s a free lite version.)

Art Guide Australia is a comprehensive guide to art galleries, exhibitions, and artists. Free.

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Everguide is a guide to all things entertainment in Australia. Whether you’re interested in music, fashion, art, sports, or food and wine, you’re sure to find something to do with the help of this app. Free.

Aussie Slang Dictionary contains more than 700 words and phrases. Even if you don’t find it all that useful, it’s a pretty fun app. $0.99

Show the Loo is the perfect app for those of you that need to go to the bathroom a lot. It’s a handy guide to all the loos in Australia and where to find them. Free.

AFL Live Official App is your go-to app for all things footy. There’s extra content for Telstra subscribers, but you can still get scores,  news, and video highlights even if you’re not. Free.

AFL Collingwood Pulse lets you keep with news and scores as well as chat with other supporters and vote for your favorite players. If you’re not a Collingwood supporter (why not?), Pulse is available for every team in the AFL. Free.

Do you have any favourite travel or Aussie apps?




  1. I might have to get the bathroom one. They just aren’t as readily available as they are in America and I find I have to be totally dehydrated if I’m going to be out and about. But sometimes I don’t plan ahead very well. 🙁

    • Some day I will blog about bathrooms in Melbourne. I haven’t decided yet how I feel about the public ones. They’re pretty hit or miss in terms of cleanliness. On the bright side, I have gone into a business once or twice and asked to use its restroom and they gladly let me. None of that “restrooms are for patrons only” type of attitude.

      • I just realised this app isn’t for Android. Bummer!

        I agree on the hit or miss with bathrooms. I try very hard to avoid having to use public bathrooms (in part because I am a germophobe and also because they are hard to find), but one thing I have noticed is that a lot of times they are missing things. Like they might be out of soap or not having any way to dry your hands. Sometimes they have no toilet paper. Or maybe they don’t have any hot water. You never quite know what you’ll get in a public bathroom here!

        I was saying to G the other day that I feel bad for parents who have children that are just learning to be potty trained because when those kids say they have to go, they mean they have to go right that second. And in America, you can haul them into the nearest BP or Starbucks, but here, you can’t always count on a gas station to have a bathroom and I can’t remember ever seeing a coffee shop that had a bathroom for customers.

        And god help you if you drive out of the city! I miss the service exits positioned conveniently at every mile marker in America. I could drink as much pop as I wanted on long drives and never have to worry about how far it was til the next bathroom. Here, if I wanted to do that, I’d have to be content with using a bush.

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