The Road to Residency Part 4: All the Extras

I set my foot down on the road to residency in June 2013, nearly a year ago. The process is finally coming to an end. … Read the rest

Birdwatching Down Under

I’ve taken up a new hobby: birdwatching. Things like playing Dungeons & Dragons used to be really dorky, but then geeks became cool. So now, … Read the rest

The London Tavern, Historic Beechworth

Last weekend, Theo and I had the pleasure of spending a few days at the London Tavern in the historic gold-mining town of Beechworth. Beechworth … Read the rest

Spring in Autumn

I have Seasonal Identity Disorder. Ok, I made that up; there’s no such clinical disorder (not yet), but it’s a thing, really it is. Keep … Read the rest

The Amazing Scenery of Central & Western Australia

I ran across this beautiful video and had to share it. Photographer Jody Brown lives in Warburton, WA, one of the most remote communities in … Read the rest

Melbourne Djembe en Ville

Last November I started learning to play the djembe with Melbourne Djembe, an African drum and dance company. After a whopping four lessons, I hit … Read the rest

York Butter Factory, a Coworking Space

In December, I discovered my first coworking space in Melbourne, Inspire9. Recently, my WordChicks Meetup group met at another coworking space called the York Butter … Read the rest

A Weekend Away at Mornington Peninsula Beaches

Last weekend, Theo and I went away with our local photography club. With just my iPhone and Canon point-and-shoot, I’m not much of a photographer, … Read the rest

Scenes from the Melbourne Djembe Flash Mob

As you may know, I take classes in African drumming with drum and dance company called Melbourne Djembe. Yesterday, they held a flash mob outside … Read the rest

10 More Fun Facts About Australia

My entry 12 Fun Facts About Australia is very popular so I thought I’d go for another round. I wrote it in 2012 and have … Read the rest

Happy Labour Day, Australia!

Today is Labour Day in Australia, the day in which Aussies commemorate the achievements of the Australian labour movement. Once upon a time, workers to … Read the rest

Vote for Batman

I received the most awesome letter last week. First of all, it came from the Division of Batman. Apparently, I live in the Division of … Read the rest