Hello Sunday Morning

Last week I attended Swarm Conference, Australia’s only conference for online community managers. I’ll spare you all the nerdtastic details as most of it doesn’t relate … Read the rest

Your Guide to Melbourne Metro Trains

For the last few weeks I’ve been taking public transport to and from work. I generally enjoy it. You see and hear a lot of … Read the rest

Expat Star Awards 2014

Stumble Down Under has been honoured with 3rd place in MyCurrencyTransfer.com Expat Star Awards 2014. This prestigious awards event recognises, celebrates and rewards the sheer … Read the rest

Melbourne, Most Liveable & Friendly City

Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city. Again. And it’s also the friendliest. For the fourth year in a row, Melbourne came in … Read the rest

How to Cope with the Australian Sun

Here in Melbourne we’re still layering up before we head out and brave the chill, but those winter clouds will part and the grey sky … Read the rest

Open House Melbourne 2014

Open House Melbourne is a celebration of Melbourne through design and architecture. It’s an annual free event in which over 100 buildings are open to … Read the rest

My Australian English

There are certain words that will probably never come out of my mouth. For starters, I can’t shorten much in the way Aussies do. I still say … Read the rest

The Melbourne General Cemetery

Last week I popped into the Melbourne General Cemetery. It was a nice day and my partner was meeting with a client in nearby Carlton … Read the rest

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2014

I made it to Oz Comic-Con again this year. It was held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building. In some ways, it was just as good or … Read the rest

Blood and Iron

It was serendipitous that I met a woman who is studying iron levels in women as part of her PhD studies. She asked me if … Read the rest


Back in February, I participated in an expat blog challenge that was hosted by my fellow expat Cristin, an American in Sydney who blogs over at … Read the rest

The Road to Residency Part 5: Death and Taxes

In my last entry on residency in mid-April, I mentioned that I had all my ducks in a row and my application for a de … Read the rest